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Facial Rejuvenation

In Eastern traditions, the meridian pathways of Qi micro-circulate throughout the entire body from feet to face.  A facial acupuncture treatment addresses the entire body constitution, and is not merely “cosmetic” or solely applied to the face. 


This full body facial treatment brings chi, circulation, and blood to the areas of the neck and face. The process carries nutrients to cells which stimulate and increase collagen, elastin production at the site of insertion and wound healing response. An acupuncture facial involves the patient in an organic, gradual process, naturally helping diminish wrinkles, improve color, and can also improve digestion and immunity. 


A full course of treatment is 12-20 sessions administered 1-2 times a week. It is highly recommended that the time in between does not exceed 7 days. Maintenance treatments, if desired, may be scheduled every 6-12 weeks or as needed to protect your physical and financial investment.

tendacupuncture facial rejuvenation
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